What the FAQ?

What is Eloading System?

If you haven't read the 'About Us' page, then let me summarize it for you. Eloading System is a company that offers not just one services but a lot more. First that we offer is the Loading which is our main service. We offer all kinds of loading networks, including tnt, smart, globe, sun, tm, and abs-cbn. Eloading System is the most convenient company, a one total package company. We offer web design, web hosting, website builder, dedicated server, and advertising. So, if you wanted to introduce your business world wide we can advertise for you. Just scroll down and see our services offered below and click if you wanted to know a little introduction of each services.

Is Eloading System same as TPC? And other Loading Station?

It's a yes and a no. Yes, cause we also offer loading, and no, cause we have different services. Eloading System has a different way of accomodating and giving the satisfaction of each member/dealers/retailers. Each business is unique according to your services. We offer loading for those who wants to experience convenient. We offer two ways of loading, which are the 'Traditional' and 'Loadcentral'. Traditional, which is a way to load your customer by sending to the Gateway. Loadcentral, an app that has already a product codes and automatic sender. Either way you choose, we can assure you our best services. We have a customer support that is always online 12 hours to accomodate customers and inquirers.

How to become a member?

Our main office is here in P-7 Brgy. San Juan, Surigao City. So, if you are in the particular area, you can visit our office to personally register. If you are not, then you can register through online, in our website www.eloadingsystem.com, click the register button as you can see in the right side of the website. Fill up the form, make sure that the details are true and correct, specially your number, any mistaken data is not our concern. You can review first your details before clicking the register button to process. Note that, your registration cannot be confirmed if you haven't paid yet. Your payment can send through Palawan, Mlhuillier, or bank to bank process. You must update us of sending your payment for confirmation.

What advantages can I get when I am already a member?

If you have purchased one of our packages, then you are already a member. And as a member, ofcourse there are such advantages:

  • Lifetime Membership - Your membership is yours forever.
  • 2% Load Wallet Discount - When you have to reload your wallet with the amount of 1000 pesos, you will have a 2% discount, meaning you only pay 980 pesos.
  • Low Load Deduction - We guarante your own business.
  • ES Kits - Our company is the only one who offers this total packages!
  • Commissions - You'll receive 500 commission of each person you invited to join (to be member) also in ES.
  • Can Load All Networks - All networks you are looking for are here!

What packages do you offer?

We offer three packages:

  • Start Business (Php. 2,600)
  • Start Pinoy Business (Php. 5,800)
  • International Business (Php. 45,000)
Its a one time payment registration and you'll receive the lifetime membership. Please click the 'Product' link at the menu to see the full details of each packages.

Is this legit?

That is a big YES! We have our business license ofcourse, BIR and DTI, and etc. If you have time and loved to visit our office, it is our pleasure to welcome and serve you.